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Introducing PositiviTeens® from Mind and Heart Coaching

Today’s teens are more isolated and marginalized than ever before, even though they may seem “connected” through the internet, organized activities, and social media. Why is it that our teens experience such high rates of depression? Why are mood disorders becoming so commonly seen in the college-age population? How do we raise teens to be positive in such a negative world? Can we teach teens the skills and mindset to be happy?

Founded by mother - daughter duo, Dr. Sherry Kelly and Kaitlyn Kelly, PositiviTeens®, provides parents and teens with practical cognitive strategies for choosing happiness. The half-day or evening workshops can be customized for parents, teachers and teen audiences.

The goals of the teen workshop include…

  • Fostering a positive growth mindset

  • Identifying limits and how to break free

  • Writing a positive “code” for your brain

  • Understanding the mindset - destiny relationship

  • Understanding the stress response and fueling into success

  • Staying positive through the college application process

The goals of the parent workshop include…

  • Choosing happiness as a parent of a teen

  • Clarifying goals for your family

  • Positive communication strategies

  • Identifying and conquering a negative mindset

  • Positive Psychology strategies to nurture in your teen

  • Understanding the impact of social media on cognition

The Goals of the Teacher Workshop Include:

  • Teaching for Transformation

  • Hacking your Classroom Culture

  • Strategies to Model Positive Psychology

  • Bringing the Growth Mindset into the Classroom

  • How to "Code" your Students' Happiness

  • Fostering positive relationships with parents